Jacobs' Air Hostesses

   I was checking out Marc Jacobs spring 2013. I was enjoying the fun retro haircuts and make-up, mixed with lots of stripes and some jail uniform-like patterns, but then some really adorable pieces came out. It kind of reminded me of his Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign: sweet colours and shapes.

   Then I kept looking and I thought: "Flight attendants would look amazing wearing these designs!" I bet the PanAm girls would drool over those cute dresses. If I were in charge of an airline I would really consider dressing my personal with Jacobs' designs.

   Check them out and tell me what you think, please comment below ^^

Check the whole collection at Vogue

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  1. Me encanto esta colección fue la que más me gusto de la semana de la moda de NY.