Jogging to the moon

   What I did not expect at all for a spring collection was sportswear! Junya Watanabe is Japanese, so doing unexpected collections is kind of expected from him! Actually just part of the collection is sportswear; nevertheless, the whole collection is matched with Puma shoes, because in fact the collection is also Puma. I guess they were thinking "Hey, Adidas shouldn't be the only one with an awesome designer, we can make cool things too!" They made the right choice, they chose a Japanese.

    There are dresses and coats looking great with sneakers BUT the point of this post is: 
cold white faces + metal helmets = 100% awesomeness level achieved. 
Check the images of the runway's style and if you like what you see, then you can check out the video.

   This collection makes me want to go back to the gym, and it also makes me want to be part of the Star Trek crew!

Credits to Vogue

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