2013 XYZ

   I actually wanted to start the year with a Japanese post. But GG stole my heart with "I got a boy", I got obsessed with the crazy style and decided to use it as recommendation to start fresh and cool this 2013. The title is XYZ, a song from the new GG album.

   First step, positive vibe to start the year. With GABE X Stüssy's shirts.

   With good vibes you should wear red! You can go chic like the Balmain jacket, or you can wear crazy styles like Lazy Oaf´s.

   Next step: feel the love, smile, and have fun fun fun! all with Jeremy Scott.

   After having fun, time to rest, use really huge and comfortable clothing such as this Wildfox Couture sweater.

   Now, enough rest. Time to ♫ party rockin’ Ain’t no stoppin’ ♪ with Nasty Gal's dress and gold cha-cha-Chanel bling bling!

   Last one was very girly, right? There are also boyish great styles for this year! Go sporty with Mishka or nerdy with Lazy Oaf designs.

   So, besides the various military prints and denim jackets (I am soo going to use my denim jacket more often this year), these were my super favourites pieces from GG's style. Now, check how to style this outfits on their music video:

   Did you like it? I love it! Happy New Year everyone! Let's rock 2013!
Sources: Polyvore, ShopStyle

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