Eugenia Miranda: Research Fashionista

Hello everyone!

Have you visited VOGUE's website? Have you ever seen the 5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl articles?
I have read it like 3 times. Today, I read the one about VOGUE's research editor, copy editor and contributor Eugenia Miranda.
I usually don't have time to check out those articles, but I just finished exams, and wanted to read something fresh about fashion.
My surprise when I watched the article?
First, she was using a clutch from Nicaragua! It was probably from Roberto Huembes market.
Second, her dad is from Nicaragua!

I am from Nicaragua, 6 million others are from Nicaragua... But around 0.7% of them are interested in fashion. I am part of that 0.7%.

From now on, she is in my inspiration and role models list. 
She is half from my country, and she has an awesome job.

I will keep fighting to fulfill my dreams.

Image from Vogue

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