ハンサム-pronounced "hansamu", is the japanese word for handsome.

   I like fashion, and we are lucky that in the fashion world there are really great men. Nevertheless, I am going to introduce you only to handsome asian men.
   I am not only interested in looks, I like talent, so the men listed here are artists (musicians, actors, etc...).

  Let the joy ride begin!

The Ballad Rockstar.
 He is a korean singer from the "ballad" boy-group 2AM, nevertheless, he also made a solo debut in his favorite music genre: rock.
Magazine features: High Cut & Men's Health.
 Totally OMG Papi -jk-
 He is the rapper from the korean boy-band BIG BANG. He is not only tall, handsome and stylish. His voice is very sexy, and he is such a good actor that he has won awards.
  Magazine features: 1st Look, Dazed and Confused, Elle, High Cut, Vogue, Bazaar, W...

  The most stylish korean ever alive
 He is the leader from BIG BANG.
 He was born a fashionista.
  He is a great composer too, and he has performed with Flo Rida! He is like this entertainment industry genius that knows how to make money with music and style.
Featured in: Dazed and Confused, Elle, 1st Look, High Cut, Numero...

Jay Park
 From Seattle with love...
 He started in the korean boy-group 2PM, but he decided to go solo. He was born in the USA, so he is so so good speaking english! He is very nice to his fans on YouTube too! He is not super handsome; he is more like cute... but I still like his music...and his tattoos.

Featured in: Marie Claire, Vogue, High Cut, In Style

Another cute face is...
Jang Geun Suk
  The famous-in-more-than-one-country korean guy
  I don't know too much about him, and I'm not writing this blog with wikipedia, so all I have to say is that he makes his fans go crazy. I know more than a dozen women that literally drool when they see him. The feeling is like: you look into his eyes, watch that smile and then *plop* you faint. He is the classic asian guy that sometimes looks like a women. He is so famous that he goes clubbing with LMFAO with animal prints shirts. In case you wonder what he does: he sings and act.

Featured in: High Cut, W, Anan...

If Jang Geun Suk makes you faint, this one coming makes you melt ;)

Matsumoto Jun
 The pop actor
 He started in a japanese pop boy-band, a very pop band, called Arashi. Nevertheless, I think he is mostly recognized because of his roles in japanese dramas. He is probably one of the few japanese actors with the most naked, or at least without shirt, scenes on tv. I mean, he should be doing porn. So sexy, and I don't know what is so sexy about him, I just know he is.

Featured in: Anan, non-non, Cut, GQ, WinkUp, Can Cam, Fineboys, Marie Claire...

Talking about sexy, the most sexy "blue eyed" japanese ever...
 The eternal god
 Gackt seems to be like a vampire: an eternal beauty. He is mmm...like George Clooney: the older, the hotter they get!
  Gackt is a singer and actor from Japan. He can be deathly serious, he can be over-the-top gay and sexy, he can be a joke, or he can make you cry. Whatever it is, he is irresistible. He is the first asian singer I got obsessed with. That was looong ago, maybe in 2006... ^^
Featured in: Oricon Style, Arena, Fool's Mate, Cool-up, Singles... 

 Last but not least, comes a chinese men, it wasn't fair to talk only about Japanese and Korean men.
Jay Chou
 The pianist actor
 He was a member of a chinese music group named Nan Quan Mama, I guess he started acting and then went solo. If you saw the movie "Curse of the Golden Flower" then you maybe know who he is. But, if you saw The Green Hornet movie, and you remember Kato, then you do know who Jay is.
  He knows martial arts, hence he has a sexy-well-trained body. He knows how to act, he plays the piano like he was born with a piano on his side, and he can sing too.
Featured in: Bazaar, Time, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Men's Uno, Figaro...

Hope you liked checking out asian men. I will make a fashionista ladies entry in the future ^^

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