Merciless Girls

I have always loved songs with lyrics that show girls who can deal with anything and can beat anyone. In this post I will show you two simple but really cool songs, which are both entitled "NO MERCY".
Lyrics are not the whole song, this is only for everyone to understand the meaning of it.

Stop making it so obvious that you’re a good-for-nothing
Just quietly turn back, you’d better go
Like this, you’re not in my heart

These days, all you say is sorry
Then why do you do things that make you sorry?
Even if you’re so sorry
You’re still with those other girls oh my god
Stop, bad boy oh, stop, bad boy, I’m getting tired

The more I see you, you are crazy
Even if you cry and cling on, it’s over

I didn’t know you’d play so cheap
Do you know who I am? Stop with the idle talk
You’re wrong for me, it’s over – you just back and go

Check out SISTAR's song!

M I S S  A
Since I pretend I don’t know and just get over it
You think you are deceiving me
Since I just give in to you normally
You think that I am nice

I can’t take it anymore,
I want to go back to being me
I don’t want to give love and not receive love back

Since I looked at you every day
You think my eyes only look at you
Since I laughed at your words
You think I can’t even get angry

I wanna stop
I can’t live in your way
I hate you for treating me bad when I treat you so well
No mercy, I can’t live like this
No mercy, don’t look for me even if you think of me
No mercy, will you go far away?
So that I can have a better life without you?
Translation thanks to KPOP Lyrics

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