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Hello fashionistas!

I promised I to talk about fashion ladies after I wrote about awesome fashion men on HANSAMU. Now I have the time to write freely about this beautiful and inspiring women you should meet:

Mademoiselle Julia
Electro Queen (DJ)
I don't know too much about her. Nevertheless, I know she is a fashionista because she appears practically every week on droptokyo webpage, which means she dresses awesome always. Besides she worked for ADIDAS x Jeremy Scott, which makes her as cool as Katy Perry.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Harajuku Girl
Kyary is a Japanese girl who was very well-known on street photography sites and magazines. She has has cute and unique style. Something to expect from someone who like Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga and consider her favourite animals as La Chupacabras and sharks! Her cute style always makes me happy ^^

Mariko Shinoda
The AKB48 member with her own magazine
I am writing about her because she is a business women. She started her own magazine last year, and she is a role model for people who want to succeed in the fashion industry.

Ayano Nakayama. Owner of Dorothy Vacance Brand.
She is a Japanese girl with good English skills, amazing creativity and a nice smile. Her magic power? She uses old shirts and transform them into great fashion pieces! You can read more about her in a report from JapaneseStreets, were I saw her for the first time.

Kuma Miki
Harajuku kid at heart and owner of the brand Party Baby
I can't remember when was the first time I was Kuma Miki, maybe I found her while looking up for 6% Doki Doki images or something similar. She is a cute and hard-working girl that wants her brand to grow like Peter Pan, always staying a kid.

Vani & Yuka
The spoke-girls from 6%DOKIDOKI
Yuka is cute dark-haired girl and Vani is the kinda bad-ass looking but still colorful girl. I like Yuka because her always black hair stays true to Japan and I like Vani because her eye-brows, make up and sometimes crazy hair style are so cool!

So those were Japan ambassadors of fashion, now let's talk about the sexy koreans.

The real model singer
Im Jin Ah, from After School girl group. Before becoming a pop star she was already a professional model, which explains why she is one of the members with more appearances on fashion magazines.

The cute Mandu
The youngest member of Wonder Girls. She is one of the trend setters on the kpop world. When she is on the spot it is because of her outfits.

The Dancing Queen.
She is the official dancer of Girls' Generation. I became fan of her because of her dancing skills (which took her to the finals of Dancing With the Stars). She has electrifying performances when she is on stage dancing to music that she likes: hip-hop or R&B. I consider her a fashionista because she was one of the first SNSD members that caught attention on red carpets.

The one and only baddest female
The leader of 2NE1, friends with Jeremy Scott and once invited in Project Runway. Gonna describe her with her rap: ♪♪ I have good brains with a natural style / I was already cool, now I’m even cooler / I’ve burnt the stage a several times / ‘Cos I’m hot, always the best / I just do what I wanna / I’ve always knew how to keep it together lady-like ♪♪

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Credits to TokyoFashion and JapaneseStreets.

And If you want my opinion about western fashionistas I would say that I like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J.

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