The Simpsons trend...

   This year is definitely the graphic shirts year. First was batman trend and now is The Simpsons. Being Bart the most trending one. Obviously is Jeremy Scott the one to blame, his Fall 2012 collection was full of Bart's face in sweaters, scarfs, t-shirts...

ANNA's shorts - Japan - FASHIONSNAP
   With that collection out, people would obviously want to wear The Simpsons and find substitutes of the kinda-expensive JS collection... check out these styles...
Look alike sweater from She Wears Fashion Blog
CNBLUE's Yonhwa
   Simple but still cool is the t-shirt option. Like RISA who styled the outfit with matching yellow shorts or like Junman who matched with Homer Simpson shorts ^^
RISA - RIDSNAP (left) / Junman - FASHIONSNAP (right)

Forever21 - $13.80

   Not only the characters, but also themes like Duff beer are a good idea, and you can match them with varsity jackets like the ones I mentioned on my Ayo GG! post.
Moeko (left) and Hiromi (right) from FASHIONSNAP
   Last but not least, if you don't want to actually wear Bart's face you can use it as an accessory like this cool JOYRICH bag.
from TokyoFashion
   Hope you liked it! I can't wait to find out the next graphic trend! See y'all soon!

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