An underwear battle? I guess I already chose my side

  Been a while without using English. Actually I prefer writing in Spanish but this topic is not local so... English it is.

  The internet's been kind of crazy about this Victoria's Secret campaign with just skinny models. 

   Actually, if we talk about NY probably 99% of the women there DO look like these models. But that is just one city, and we latinas are waaaay more and waaaay different. Anyway, I don't really care about the campaign, they are not the first nor the last brand to do this. So why so relevant? 

  This was just the best chance for me to actually complain about the brand and its products. I've been getting VS panties from my aunt every single Christmas since... I don't know... 2006. Until last year everything was just fine. 

  This year I noticed the quality was just not the same as before. The seam was weaker. There was this one panty that I had to fix 3 times! Also, I started to use different designs. I would usually use the classic hiphuggers. But then I got briefs. A mistake if you have a little bit extra bumper. I am not Beyonce, but I'm not Miley Cyrus either. And these briefs are made for those ass-less Victoria's Secret models in the ads. Annoying.

  Finally, I found myself rooting for Lovable as my #1 underwear brand. 

   Nevertheless, today I saw this nice American Eagle campaign, and I think I will root for Aerie too. Probably I'm going to the US for the spring break. Definitely will go check out the product myself :) I mean there are tattoos, piercing scars, imperfection, and beauty at its peak!

  I actually looked at the Aerie catalog. And they have nice stuff, nice sales, nice prices. Worth trying it out.

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