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I've been busy AF... so now that I actually have vacations I can write a little bit on the blog... The first thing I did with my free time was listen to albums I had download, but couldn't listen carefully.

Since the two albums I liked the most have a calm and soft sound I will start with album recommendations and then go with individual songs.

Baek YeRin - Across The Universe
I personally love that the name of the album (and her image) can be associated with Le Petit Prince. But that is not the reason I start with this album. This is her solo debut, and I would think it is her debut as a mature singer. I follow her covers on YouTube and was hoping for this album. I am definitely satisfied with it. Her voice is soothing and the songs are refreshing and calm.

You can listen to the full album here. I recommend That's Why, since it is in English!

Kim Taeyeon - I

This is a very popular album. But I heard it all yesterday. For the title track the visuals are stunning sceneries from New Zealand, and her voice is at its best. I actually like a lot the instrumental version of the song too: soothing rock. There's one demerit: rap. I like rap, a lot, but I felt like they pushed it into this song.

The songs Farewell and U R, are both very nostalgic, and I think they both match with the New Zealand video. Stress is the only song I was not very excited about, maybe because it gives the usual pop feeling.

IU - CHAT-SHIRE & Modern Times
When the Holidays season comes I usually listen to music with blues, jazzy vibes. IU's been making that kind of music since Modern Times album (2013). The song Modern Times itself is nice, also Love of B, 50cm and Everyone has Secrets are quite fun songs, even my dad likes Havana and Obliviate, but the most beautiful song from that album is Walk With Me, Girl with a senior Korean singer.

That album had an epilogue, which was just a repackaged album I guess... I seriously love the rhythm and lyrics for Friday.

Now, her latest album (which was controversial because fans are weirdos in Korea) is Chat-Shire. This was produced mainly by the singer herself, and I feel is more mature and serious, but in a fun way. My personal favourite is Red Queen, because I know someone just like the girl the songs describes. I bet everyone knows a Red Queen! Finally, I obviously identify with the title track 23.

That's it for albums. Now, a couple songs I will listen a lot this season. I will just share some lyrics of each song, not gonna give you reasons.

It’s like a wind that gently strokes me
It’s like a dust that gently drifts along
If I let go of your hand, you’ll fly away and break

Obviously Michael Bublé will play all month. But The Barberettes are awesome too:
Santa Baby
Santa Baby, just slip a sable under the tree for me
Been an awful good girl
Think of all the fun I’ve missed
Think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed 
Next year I could be just as good If you check off my Christmas list

Last, but not least. The song I will probably listen to (and sing along) the most... and cry sometimes too.

I'm sure we can fly...
After an endless dream, in this miserable world
... maybe not using common sense isn't so bad after all

~Happy Holidays~

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