Inspiring hairstyles from Japan~

Hello everyone! I feel like I haven't used English for a year!

   The other day a friend mentioned that she wanted a purple lock of hair. Even though she could actually take Yamamoto & GD's idea; I immediately remembered ALL the cool hair colours I have seen on street fashion photos. That said, let's check all the cool ideas! ^^ By the way, all the photos were taken from JapaneseStreets, which is my super mega favourite Japanese fashion blog.

   The first inspiration is Marina. Since she is such and unique person, she is one of JapaneseStreets favorite persons.

The last, but not least, is Coi. She is one of my favourites because she is so tropical and colourful!

   If you want to dye your hair or do something different with the styling of it, I hope this was a little help for you. Please please visit JS it is a reaaally cool blog.

See ya soon~

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