G-Dragon's hair...where the idea came from (?)

Hello everyone!

    Today is about Korean fashionista: Ji Yong, better known as G-DRAGON. Do you remember that I wrote about him on my asian men post? Well, some months ago, he appeared on BIGBANG's FANTASTIC BABY music video with this awesome super long hair, and then on the live performance there where short versions of the same hairstyle.

   The hairstyle is so popular, it has around 3 or more parodies ㅋㅋㅋ Everyone was talking about it, and today I was checking out Korean Vogue and found that Yohji Yamamoto used a similar hairstyle on his collection for fall/winter 2012! It's so fun how similar the styles are! Check it out!

   So what do you think? I think he looks cool, and I love it!

Images from the runway, from FASHIONISING.


  1. Great entry*_*#)!
    I'm jealous because time ago I used to dye my hair and it suffered to much. I'm thinking to use extensions also there are many ways to use it.

    1. Extensions are the healthiest way of colouring hair ^^ Besides, you can change style more often with extensions.